Bring the Arts of Asia into your classroom

Whether you’re teaching in a new virtual environment or from your classroom, we’ve got you covered with resources designed to support the integration of Asian art and voices into your curriculum.

Three primary units invite you to interact with Mia’s collection and community voices through critical thinking, making, and storytelling.

Generous major support for The Arts of Asia online resource provided by the Freeman Foundation.

Additional generous support provided by the Gale Family Endowment.

Explore and Be Inspired

A child drawing.

Critical Foundations

Critical Foundations supports the thoughtful and humanizing teaching of Mia’s Asian art collection. We encourage you to start here. We will provide essential questions to encourage you to think critically about perceptions of Asia and Asian art and the presentation of cultural resources in museum collections.

Young child sits next to a camera and uses a computer.

Our Stories

Our Stories uses the power of storytelling to show how artists have explored identity and cultural heritage throughout time. By teaching about artworks in Mia’s Asian art collection alongside the work of visual and performance artists here in the Twin Cities, we can connect the past and the present and help build empathy.

Child drawing.

Make It

Make It! promotes creativity and learning through hands-on doing and making related to the arts of Asia. Activities range from simple (easy to do, basic materials, and a manageable time commitment) to complex projects rooted in design thinking.

Several children sit at a table as an adult points down at table.

Get started.

Whether you’re an educator teaching with art or integrating it into your curriculum for the first time (virtually or in person), there’s something for you including:

  • Flexible and printable lesson plans that include an essential question to frame your instruction and promote inquiry based learning
  • Teaching and learning strategies that are easily adaptable to your classroom. There’s something for all grade levels and subject areas.
  • Minnesota Academic Standards supported by each lesson
  • Videos featuring artists, poets, musicians, and hands on art making activities
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